Impending Oil Crisis Will Overshadow

Global Climate Change


Dr. Robert Hirsch and Colleagues Publish The Impending World Energy Mess; What It is and What It Means to You!

Burlington, Ont., Sept. 20, 2010 – Leading energy consultants Dr. Robert Hirsch and colleagues Dr. Roger Bezdek and Robert Wendling, co-authors of an infamous 2005 report for the U.S. Department of Energy on peak oil, predict an impending decline in world oil production may occur within the next five years and urge government, industry and the general public to address the issue, in their newly published book The Impending World Energy Mess: What It Is and What It Means to You!

Concerned by a lack of action and fearful that the subject of global warming may be distracting people from a more imminent issue, Dr. Hirsch and his colleagues decided to take action and write the book. They argue that oil production reached a plateau in 2004 and has remained relatively consistent ever since. They are concerned that a decline in world oil production is potentially two to five years away and will have significant economic consequences.

"The decline of world oil production will overshadow climate concerns and will become humankind’s most urgent priority," forecasts Dr. Hirsch. "This is a liquid fuels problem. There is a large amount of liquid fuel consuming equipment, such as cars, trains, ships and aircraft, which move people and goods around every day. When world oil production irreversibly begins to decline, there will be shortages. Switching the energy we put into almost all machinery will not happen overnight."

In The Impending World Energy Mess; What It is and What It Means to You!, Hirsch and his colleagues discuss the long production cycles involved in oil production, examine what forecasters have been predicting, evaluate current alternative energy options, and review what can be done to mitigate the upcoming challenges. This book will help educate readers about the realities of energy in general (oil in particular) and provides a practical basis for understanding and personal action.

"This is an important book," writes Dr. James Schlesinger, America’s first U.S. Secretary of Energy, in the foreword to The Impending World Energy Mess. "Though we readily speak of oil as a finite resource, our tendency, having stated that as a simple fact, has been to pass on to other subjects. Too frequently we are left with the thought that the problem of energy supply will magically disappear."


Dr. Robert L. Hirsch is a Senior Energy Advisor at Management Information Services, Inc. (MISI); a consultant in energy, technology and management; and founder of AlumiGen, a start-up company based on his invention for hydrogen production. Dr. Hirsch has more than 40 years professional experience, has served on numerous advisory committees and has more than 50 technical publications in the energy field.

Dr. Roger H. Bezdek is President of Management Information Services Inc, a Washington, D.C. economic research firm specializing in energy and the environment. He has more than 30 years experience in consulting and management in the energy, utility, environmental and regulatory arenas.

Mr. Robert M. Wendling is Vice-President of Management Information Services Inc. with 28 years experience in energy technology policy and incentives, economic assessment of energy development, environmental economics and regulatory policy.

The Impending World Energy Mess is initially available through, WHSmith in the UK or the Apogee Prime The Impending World Energy Mess website.

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